Take your home theater/gaming PC into the next dimension with these primary features:

  • First-person shooter 3D file browsing mode

  • Powered by the Source engine (Portal 2, Team Fortress 2)

  • Uses your Windows operating system to launch files

  • Also has full support for non-standalone files (emulators/ROMs)

  • Low-resource "Idle Mode" for when you are playing other games

  • Supplementary high-resolution 2D interface for details/editing view

  • Connectivity with popular movie, TV, and video game databases

  • Intellegent file name analyzing to identify media items

  • Downloadable Addon Content (models, scripts, maps, and more!)

  • Connectivity with XBMC for video playback in up to 4 different rooms

  • Over 23 dynamic arcade cabinet models and THOUSANDS of supported world maps

  • Peer-hosted multiplayer arcades

  • In-game virtual match making (for applications that support it)

  • Maintains a PASSIVE media library (doesn't move your files at all)

Head on over to the Download section to try these features out for yourself!

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