Add your files one at a time, OR import entire folders!
    Fanart, screenshots, and descriptions automatically appear!
    Choose from over 23 arcade cabinet models!
    THOUSANDS of supported maps!

    Powered by the Source engine! (Portal 2, Team Fortress 2)
    Simply walk up to the game you want to play!
    No more searching through file lists & folder structures!
    Full first person shooter game environment!

    Launch your files directly from the 3D world!
    Releases system resources for MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE!
    Invite your friends to join you in multiplayer arcades!
    Emulators supported!

Sandbox Gameplay

Place YOUR files where YOU want them in YOUR favorite maps.

You have complete control over the appearance of every item. Instantly replace screenshots and marquees of items with your own personal images!

You can even place items you don't own yet by using the Discover feature!

No More Lists

Navigating through folders and game lists is a thing of the past.

Simply walk up to the game you want to play and launch it, just like a real arcade.

Don't own the game yet? No worries. You'll be given links to places where you can buy or download that particular game. These links are supplied by the users themselves, so the possibilities are endless!

Just Like Always

Your games and movies will open up in their default Windows applications, exactly as if you had double clicked on their desktop icon.

System resources are freed once you launch a game, allowing you to play it with maximum performance.

Upon closing the game, you'll return to Source Media Arcade and continue your 3D browsing experience.